D03 – Competing interactions in strongly correlated light-matter assemblies


We investigate the quantum cooperativity of strongly correlated light-matter systems in the presence of spatially competing and frustrated matter-matter interactions. The quantized transverse-field Ising model being the sum of a matter-matter Ising interaction and a quantum Rabi (Dicke) Hamiltonian constitutes a work horse of this project. We determine the ground-state properties including the superradiant quantum phase transition as well as the relevance of geometry in finite light-matter assemblies. Further, the non-equilibrium properties including the cooperative light emission are investigated when frustrated light-matter assemblies are driven and display photon losses.

Project Leaders

Kai Phillip Schmidt

Vice Speaker / Project leader C02/D03/MGK

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Staudtstraße 7
91058 Erlangen