QuCoLiMa Talk – 25.05.2021 – Xufeng Zhang from Argonne National Laboratory

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25.05.2021 – 12:00

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Advancing quantum information science with hybrid cavity magnonics

Xufeng Zhang from Argonne National Laboratory

Hybrid magnonics has been attracting intensive attention in the past few years. With a focus on the interaction between magnons – quantized collective spin excitations – and other types of information carriers, hybrid magnonics is recognized as a promising candidate for interconnecting different quantum platforms, hence holds great potentials towards developing distributed quantum networks for comprehensive quantum information processing. In this talk, I will review our recent work on developing various hybrid magnonic systems and discuss their unique advantages. Specifically, cavity magnonics can be conveniently hybridized with other degrees of freedom operating in the microwave, mechanical and optical domains because of its exceptional compatibilities. Thanks to the large spin density in the magnonic system, the interactions between magnons and other information carriers (photons, phonons, etc.) are drastically boosted, providing elevated protection for the signal coherence. Therefore, high-fidelity magnon-based signal transduction can be achieved. Most importantly, the excellent tunability of magnons permits unparalleled signal manipulation. I will finish the talk by describing the perspectives for future integrated quantum magnonics.

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QuCoLiMa Talks are the weekly seminar of the collaborative research center TRR 306 QuCoLiMa (Quantum Cooperativity of Light and Matter). The talks are given by (external) experts, whose research falls within the scope of QuCoLiMa.

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