QuCoLiMa Talk – 18.05.2021 – Hanna Le Jeannic from Centre national de la recherche scientifique(CNRS)

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18.05.2021 – 12:00

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Nonlinear scattering of few photons interacting with a single quantum emitter in a waveguide

Hanna Le Jeannic from Centre national de la recherche scientifique(CNRS)

Solid-state emitters and, in particular, quantum dots have been raising considerable interest for light-matter interactions towards quantum optics applications. Long limited by decoherence processes due to phonons, charge or spin noise, more recent works show drastic improvements in their emission and even near limited lifetime transition, making them closer to ideal two-level emitters. Additionally, when embedded in light-confining nanophotonic structures, they can reach ultra-efficient coupling with an incoming light field and thus can act as suitable platforms to deterministically generate single photons. In such waveguide-emitter platforms, single photon nonlinearities can also be exploited for quantum gates implementation. By recording the photon output statistics of a QD-photonic waveguide system, we will show how to unravel the scattering processes at work. Applications and perspectives for complex quantum optical circuitry, opened by such an efficient light-matter platform, will also be discussed.

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QuCoLiMa Talks are the weekly seminar of the collaborative research center TRR 306 QuCoLiMa (Quantum Cooperativity of Light and Matter). The talks are given by (external) experts, whose research falls within the scope of QuCoLiMa.

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