QuCoLiMa Talk – 01.06.2021 – Costanza Toninelli from Europ. Lab. for Non-Linear Spectroscopy

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01.06.2021 – 12:00

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Integrated single-molecule devices for quantum photonic technologies

Costanza Toninelli from Europ. Lab. for Non-Linear Spectroscopy

The successful development of future photonic quantum technologies will much depend on the possibility of realizing robust and scalable nanophotonic devices. These should include quantum emitters like on-demand single-photon sources and non-linear elements, provided their transition linewidth is broadened only by spontaneous emission. However, conventional strategies to on-chip integration, based on lithographic processes in semiconductors, are typically detrimental for the coherence properties of the emitter. Moreover, such approaches are difficult to scale and bear limitations in terms of geometries. In the present contribution, we discuss an alternative platform, based on molecules that preserve near-Fourier-limited fluorescence even when embedded in polymeric photonic structures. Anthracene nanocrystals doped with dibenzoterrylene (DBT:Ac NCX) fluorescent molecules show excellent performances of single-photon emission [1,2] and are naturally suitable both to deterministic positioning and to the integration in hybrid devices [3-4]. Three-dimensional patterns are achieved by Direct Laser Writing (DLW) of commercial photoresists around self-assembled organic nanocrystals containing fluorescent molecules [5]. This method enables fast, inexpensive and scalable fabrication process, while offering unique advantages in terms of versatility and sub-micron resolution. We also show optical tuning of many molecules on chip [6]. The proposed technology will allow for competitive organic quantum devices [7], including integrated multi-photon interferometers, arrays of indistinguishable single-photon sources and hybrid electro-optical nanophotonic chips.

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