C01 – One-dimensional photon-mediated cooperativity of quantum emitters


We aim to realize a cooperative solid-state platform, where a controlled number of quantum emitters are coupled to a single mode of a one-dimensional subwavelength waveguide (nanoguide). This novel coupling mechanism yields a particular form of “polaritonic” quantum cooperative behavior, i.e., a series of rich superposition states of light and matter, whereby delocalized and localized effects can be observed, depending on the emitter spacings and density. Our long-term vision is to realize and explore novel quantum states of light and matter which are mediated by long-range photonic interaction and do not exist in nature.

Project Leaders

Vahid Sandoghdar

Project leader C01

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg / Max Planck Institut für die Physik des Lichts

Staudtstrasse 2
91058 Erlangen


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