A02 – Generation of photonic cluster states from color center-cavity systems


Project A02 focuses on the investigation of highly correlated states of light and matter, here realized as a bottom-up toolbox for light-matter and light-light entanglement. The central basic element consists of an entangled state of a single photon and a single electron spin of an individual defect center in diamond. This basic element will be concatenated in time to create a highly cooperative quantum state of light, i.e., a photonic cluster state. Such a cluster state arises due to the collective coupling of subsequently emitted photons to a common degree of freedom, i.e., the entanglement with the same single electron spin. In a medium-term perspective quantum-cooperative effects will be used to create matter entanglement first and higher dimensional cluster states built from this resource.

Project Leaders

Christoph Becher

Project leader A02

Universität des Saarlandes

Campus E2.6
66123 Saarbrücken


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