Third School of QuCoLiMa Basics took place in Erlangen

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This week the third episode of the „School of QuCoLiMa Basics” took place in Erlangen, organised by the integrated Research Training Group of QuCoLiMa. This year the focus was on combined light-matter systems with strong interactions. The four speakers, namely

  • Martin Eckstein from University of Hamburg
  • Michael Sentef from University of Bremen
  • Claudiu Genes from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
  • Stephan Götzinger from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

provided a broad overview over the basic concepts of interactions between light and atoms, molecules and macroscopic materials. The lectures and exercises were accompanied by talks about the current status of research in this field.

About the School of QuCoLiMa Basics

QuCoLiMa is a collaboration of a wide range of researchers from different areas of physics including condensed matter physics, quantum optics, light-matter interaction and quantum information. To establish a common knowledge basis for all students within QuCoLiMa, we came up with the idea of the „School of QuCoLiMa Basics”, allowing participants to learn the fundamental ideas of a specific research field. In the past three years the School offered an introduction into the fields of quantum optics, solid-state physics, and combined light-matter systems.