QuCoLiMa’s Female Scientists – Lea Lenke

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QuCoLiMa’s Female Scientists is a program inspired by the corresponding program of the German Physical Society. Here, we will highlight female scientists of QuCoLiMa and their field of research in order to contribute to “fixing the leaky pipeline“ (less female professors than students in the natural sciences). We want to show that studying science at the universities involved in QuCoLiMa and working as a scientist within QuCoLiMa is an excellent choice for women and will (help to) boost their career at all levels.

Lea Lenke

Lea is a theoretical physicist working on open condensed matter systems. Since March 2021, she is working as a PhD student in the group of Prof. Kai Schmidt at FAU. In her studies, she puts strong light-matter interaction and frustrated matter-matter interaction into competition and investigates how to tune the properties of matter by light and vice versa. For this, she adapts flow equation approaches to dissipated frustrated spin systems formulated as a Lindblad master equation. Lea is working within the QuCoLiMa project D03 ‘Competing interactions in strongly correlated light-matter assemblies’, where the quantum cooperativity of strongly correlated light-matter systems in the presence of spatially competing and frustrated matter-matter interactions is studied. Lea is also currently the Doctoral representative of FAU in the RTG Panel of the QuCoLiMa Graduate School.

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