QuCoLiMa Basics – First School on Quantum Optics

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The first school QuCoLiMa Basics has been held at the University of Mainz from 03. – 07.04.2022. The school included introductory lectures to Quantum Optics, interactive sessions, a poster session, a town visit, lab visits and many interesting discussions!


QuCoLiMa is a collaboration of a wide range of researchers from different areas of physics including condensed matter physics, quantum optics, light-matter interaction and quantum information. In order to establish a common knowledge basis for all students within QuCoLiMa, we came up with the idea of the school QuCoLiMa Basics in which students can learn the fundamental ideas of a specific research field. In the upcoming first edition of this school, we focus on the fundamentals of quantum optics including the field of light matter interactions. This school will include three days of lectures, interactive sessions, a poster session, a city tour, and lab visits.


Coherence and interference phenomena in light-matter interaction (Prof. Adriana Pálffy-Buß)
Classical & quantum light / correlations (Prof. Jörg Evers)
Spontaneous emission and cooperative phenomena (Prof. Joachim von Zanthier)