Family and work

Compatibility of family and work at FAU, JGU and UdS

All members of the TRR 306 profit from the following resources established at the participating universities.

At FAU, the University Executive Board has signed the “Code of Conduct – Familienfreundliche Hochschule” in order to develop the achieved status quo of family-friendliness further in 2016. Due to this, FAU is member of the so-called “Best Practice Club Familie in der Hochschule” (The Family in Higher Education Institutions best practice club). The Family Service of FAU and the University hospital supports in all questions related to work-family balance since 2007. Services for all university members with families include contingents in day care facilities for children near to Campus Erlangen Süd, flexible and short-notice childcare, childcare services and vacation programmes for children. FAU also provides various work spaces for parents and children.

At JGU, by signing the “Familie in der Hochschule” (Family at University) charter in September 2016, JGU has committed itself to ensuring that it provides the facilities that will make it a family-friendly university. In particular, advice for parents is offered by the JGU Family Services Center that combines all the available services in this sector and acts as a central point of contact for students and employees who are looking for information and help with regard to their career and family-related issues. Student and staff members of JGU have childcare facilities available on the campus. In addition, all JGU members have access to flexible short-term daycare for their children as well as to also emergency child care.

At UdS, since its certification with the “audit familiengerechte hochschule” (family-friendly university audit) in 2004, UdS has been constantly increasing its support for families of students and employees and therefore been successfully re-audited four times. In order to further optimize the reconciliation of academic career and family, the support in childcare is – besides the topic of care responsibility – one of the main targets. The audit familiengerechte hochschule 68 (family office) offers advice and help in finding childcare services based on individual needs.

Compatibility of family and work at QuCoLiMa

Within the TRR, the following measures have been or will be implemented (constantly updated):

  • Support (including reserved places) for daycare in Erlangen
  • Family room in the Physics Department in Erlangen (planned)
  • Support for daycare in Mainz and Saarbrücken (planned)
  • Support for home-office infrastructure