DivE-Q Event: New workshop “Writing Grant Proposals in Science” – Registration open

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Successful third-party funding acquisition is one crucial performance indicator in science. Moreover, good scientific projects need financial support from third-party funding. In light of limited public funding, securing sources of financial support is an important task for a scientist. However, for many early-career scientists writing grant applications poses some difficulties and, at first glance, seems over-whelming. Even though there is no guaranteed success, the methods and instruments of writing proposals can be learnt. A prerequisite is an attractive project concept. If a convincingly formulated application is submitted, the chances of securing funding are good.
This workshop delivers proven grant application knowledge. It shows how strategic considerations naturally lead to a sound proposal. The participants receive theoretical input and engage with the various aspects through guided exercises. These include group exercises, and individual exercises, both with guided plenum discussions.

In this workshop, you will …

  •  find out which leadership style suits you best and receive an appropriate “toolbox”
  • develop solutions not only for the classic bottom-up principle, but also leadership from below and lateral leadership
  • get an overview of different leadership models (TCI, GRPI) and tools (self-leadership, delegation, etc.) that support your own leadership role
  • be encouraged to manage complex processes confidently and pragmatically
  • be encouraged to reflect on which of your competencies you are already using and what you can do in addition to be or become a respected, responsible and confident leader
  • be able to establish a direct link to your everyday work by a mixture of short theoretical inputs and small practical exercises

When and where

Face-to-face meeting in Erlangen

Thursday + Friday, 23rd + 24th March 2023, 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. each

Where: Seminar Rooms, 1st floor, Palmeria Mitarbeiterkantine, Ulmenweg 18, 91054

Further information

Language: English
Target group: Advanced doctoral candidates and postdocs
Participant limit: 12

Prof. Dr. Annette Kolb is a biologist with 20 years of experience in research and teaching. Until 2014 she was an associate professor at Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, where she led an international research team. Professor Annette Kolb has published more than 50 scientific articles. Moreover, she has extensive experience in project management and fundraising. 2008 she was awarded the 1822 University Prize for Excellent Teaching. Currently, she works as a science coach and trainer with a focus on academic career development. http://www.coachademics.de

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