QuCoLiMa’s Female Scientists – Oksana Chelpanova

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QuCoLiMa’s Female Scientists is a program inspired by the corresponding program of the German Physical Society. Here, we will highlight female scientists of QuCoLiMa and their field of research in order to contribute to “fixing the leaky pipeline“ (less female professors than students in the natural sciences). We want to show that studying science at the universities involved in QuCoLiMa and working as a scientist within QuCoLiMa is an excellent choice for women and will (help to) boost their career at all levels.

Oksana Chelpanova
Oksana is a theoretical physicist working on bath engineering in cavity QED and the interplay of non-equilibrium dynamics with topology. She started her Ph.D. in August of 2020 in the group of Jamir Marino at the University of Mainz. Oksana explores how to generate a desired form of photon-matter interaction in an experiment and how this interaction results into system properties. In her projects, she shows that by dissipation engineering one can guide a system towards new phases, which can combine properties of a few already existing phases, for example, of superradiance and lasing, or which can exhibit completely new behaviour, i.e., periodically restore and break the symmetry of the model on its way to the equilibrium. Within QuCoLiMa, Oksana works on projects related to the research project D04 ‘Synchronising quantum spins with long-range dissipation’, in which the formation of many-body quantum limit cycles from long-range dissipation and their implementation using cooperative effects is studied.

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