Online tutorial “Gender-sensitive appointment procedures and recruitment…” – Accessible for all QuCoLiMa-Members

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FAU is offering a free online tutorial on the topic of Gender-sensitive appointment procedures and recruitment. This one hour tutorial aims to raise awareness of (unconscious) gender biases and how they affect staffing decisions and is accessible for Non-FAU-members as well.

The tutorial is an online course on the StudOn platform. It lasts approximately one hour and it is aimed at raising awareness of (unconscious) gender biases and how they affect staffing decisions. Participants gain an overview of various aspects of gender-sensitive appointment procedures and we hope the tutorial will encourage you to take an in-depth look at gender-sensitive appointment procedures and recruitment. The tutorial is aimed at continuing to make recruitment procedures at FAU more professional, transparent and gender sensitive.

The course is predominantly aimed at members of appointment committees and managers at FAU. It can, however, also be accessed by anyone interested in the topic, whether they are members of FAU or not.

More information on the course in German and English is available on the website of the Office of Equality and Diversity.

How can you access the English course?

FAU members with an active StudOn account: You can join the course directly via your StudOn account using this link:
(German version:

Participants without a StudOn account (guest account): You can use the following link to register as a guest for the online tutorial in StudOn:
(German version:
Your guest account is valid for 96 hours. You are then signed up directly for the course “Gender-sensitive appointment procedures and recruitment at FAU”. The course is available on your StudOn desk. Alternatively, you can reach the course via the following link once you have successfully logged in to the system:

If you have any questions about registering in StudOn, please contact StudOn support: phone: + 49 9131 8561133 – E-mail:

The tutorial was designed by Dr. Lisa Horvath and Dr. Sabine Blackmore and created in StudOn by the FAU Innovation in Learning Institute.

We hope that the tutorial will encourage you to bear gender-related issues in mind when conducting appointment and recruitment procedures.