Joint Colloquium of Elasto-Q-Mat, TopDyn, SPICE, and QuCoLiMa

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This week, there will be a joint colloquium of the research networks Elasto-Q-Mat, TopDyn, SPICE, and QuCoLiMa. Thursday at 16:15, Giulia Semeghini and Ruben Verresen from Harvard University will present a talk with the subject:

Topological quantum phases in a neutral atom array

Since the 1970s, it has been predicted that there could exist strongly-interacting phases of matter which go beyond the conventional symmetry-breaking framework – referred to as intrinsic topological order. While the fractional quantum Hall effect is one of the few experimentallyrealized examples thus far, the most minimal type of topological order – known as a Z 2 spin liquid and famous from the Kitaev toric code – has proven to be more elusive. In this joint theory/experiment talk, we will discuss a recent proposal and realization in Rydberg atom arrays. Since dimer models are known to be an ideal breeding ground for spin liquids, we use the strong van der Waals interactions between atoms on the ruby lattice to realize an effective dimer description on the kagome lattice. Since atom arrays allow for imaging all atoms at once, we can read off nonlocal order parameters, such as the Fredenhagen-Marcu string operators, which offer a smoking gun signature of the topological phase of matter. We also offer perspectives on what other phases might be realizable in such platforms, and how they could potentially be used to form topological qubits.

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