QuCoLiMa Talk – 20.04.2021 – Birgit Stiller from MPL Erlangen

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20.04.2021 – 12:00

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Coherent optoacoustic interactions in waveguide structures

Birgit Stiller from MPL Erlangen

Despite their different nature, optical waves and acoustic vibrations can couple efficiently through the effects of electrostriction, photo-elastic effect and radiation pressure. These phenomena enable the creation and annihilation of sound waves and have a wide range of application from passive mode-locking, narrow-linewidth lasers, agile radiofrequency filters, distributed sensing to versatile signal processing. The latter includes calculus operations, signal amplification and storage of light information. In this talk, I will give an overview on our research projects with a focus on different aspects of light storage via sound waves, manipulation of the limit of the acoustic decay time and optoacoustics in more exotic optical fibers such as CS2-filled capillaries and twisted multi-core photonic crystal fibers.

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QuCoLiMa Talks are the weekly seminar of the collaborative research center TRR 306 QuCoLiMa (Quantum Cooperativity of Light and Matter). The talks are given by (external) experts, whose research falls within the scope of QuCoLiMa.

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