To apply for a position as Doctoral Researcher within QuCoLiMa, please

  1. fill out the application form below and afterwards
  2. send us the following documents to complete your application
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • a brief motivation letter (max. 1-2 pages)
    • copies of degree certificates and grades
    • two letters of recommendation
    • a copy of your master thesis

(Details will be communicated after successful submission of the application form.)

Application Form

    Family name

    Given name

    Email address

    Your highest university degree

    (Expected) Date of completion

    University that issued the above degree

    Your interests are
    Theoretical Physics:
    Experimental Physics:
    Quantum optics:
    Condensed Matter Physics:

    For which locations do you want to apply (multiple selection possible)

    Your next possible start date

    Provide up to 5 QuCoLiMa projects, you are especially interested in (optional)

    Any additional comment you want to provide? (optional)


    Please allow up to 8 weeks for the internal processing of your application.