Gender equality

Equal opportunity measures at FAU, JGU and UdS

FAU is strongly committed to sustainably enable equal opportunities for all university members. This goal has been given the highest priority in committees, university management and at all levels of decision-making at FAU. The university has established permanent structures to underpin this commitment, including the position of a Vice President People and the Office for Gender and Diversity. In order to implement an equal opportunities policy, FAU focuses on three measures supported strategies: Gender Mainstreaming, Diversity Management and Balancing studies, work and family.

JGU has developed a broad portfolio of measures to foster equal opportunity. The corresponding achievements are reflected in a number of certifications within the last years, e.g., the Total Equality Award for JGU, the second best grade for the Research-Oriented Standards on Gender. JGU and the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science in particular have adopted a code of conduct for professor ship appointment committees to ensure equal gender opportunities.

UdS defines the principles of gender mainstreaming and diversity management as integral parts of its structure and its university development plan and has therefore established the gender equality office Start already in 1996 under the leadership of the gender equality officer (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte). It also created and passed a gender action plan (Gleichstellungsplan). The gender equality office implements the DFG’s “Forschungsorientierte Gleichstellungsstandards”, with the goal of increasing not only the number of female scientists but also their support.

Equal opportunity measures at QuCoLiMa

Within the TRR, the following measures have been or will be implemented (constantly updated):

  • Master scholarship for female Master students