QuCoLiMa Talk - Mohammad Hafezi - Quantum optics of correlated electron systems

Nov 29
29. November 2022 12:00 - 13:00
Livestream via Zoom


Mohammad Hafezi – JQI, Maryland


Quantum optics of correlated electron systems


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Given tremendous progress in controlling individual photons and other excitations such as spin, excitonic, phononic in solid-state systems, it is intriguing to explore whether these quantum optical control techniques could pave a radically new way to prepare, manipulate, and detect non-local and correlated electronic states. In the first part, we discuss how dipole approximation is violated for itinerant electrons. Examples include integer quantum Hall and Josephson junctions, in the context of circuit-QED. The latter yields rich physics in the form of a new type of built-in multi-qubit system with selective coupling to electromagnetic modes of the cavity. In the second part, we discuss how excitons can form in correlated materials. In particular, we show how excitons can emerge in Mott insulator systems, in terms of inter- and intra-band bound states, where spin physics plays a crucial role, and discuss the experimental signatures in 2D materials.

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