QuCoLiMa Talk - Aashish Clerk - Hidden time-reversal symmetry in a strongly interacting driven-dissipative photonic system

May 30
30. May 2023 15:00 - 16:00


Aashish Clerk – Univ. of Chicago


Hidden time-reversal symmetry in a strongly interacting driven-dissipative photonic system


Quantum systems subject to both driving and dissipation often have complex, non-thermal steady states, and are at the forefront of research in many areas of physics. I?ll discuss how a subtle kind of symmetry, so-called hidden time-reversal symmetry, can enable exact solutions of a number of non-trivial models, in regimes where conventional approximations fail. The focus will be on an exact description of a modified driven-dissipative Bose-Hubbard model, where a network of photonic cavities are subject to both local and non-local two-photon driving, Kerr interactions and dissipation. Our exact solution of this model permits a full description of emergent phase transitions and symmetry breaking in this system, as well as exotic states with strong many-body pairing correlations. This system could be directly realized in superconducting circuits and a variety of quantum optical platforms.



All talks hybrid:

Mixture of on-site talks at the main sites of QuCoLiMa (Erlangen, Mainz, Saarbr?cken) as well as online talks. Regardless of where the talks are given, they are livestreamed via Zoom and can be watched from home/office or cooperatively in the following meeting rooms:

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